Quality Control

We use the highest quality control standards with our yeast production. We utilize both next generation gentic/QPCR and plating methods to test the various batches for any spoiler organisms. Nothing is shipped without meeting the highest QC Standards.

Healthy Viable Yeast

Our Yeast is grown to have the highest possible viability. You can rest assured that our dried yeast has long shelf life dates, low lag times and high viability. Our liquid yeast is all freshly made made with the yeast arriving days post production. That is keep in cold chain transport all the way to your premises. Only the highest metabolically active and viable yeast is hipped.

Strain Selection

 We grow over 30 different liquid strains a month and have a selection of over 10 different dried strains. We are constantly adding and improving new yeasts no matter the industry to give our customers the edge in a competitive market.

Free Consultation

Our Technical Support Reps are experts in there field. They are available through email, call or Whatsapp. Whether you are having a QC issue or want to ask us about the best possible strain selection for a new brew we are there to offer you free consultation and technical support.

Affordable Pricing

We all know that Brewing and Distilling is an expensive business. Are aim is to offer affordable options to breweries, distilleries and winemakers that are starting out or established.
We aim to offer great value with our high quality products and our unparalleled technical support.

Speedy Shipping

We utilize overnight shipping for our liquid pitches (and it can be selected for dried yeasts and other products).
Within the EU this gives overnight shipping options most of the time. meaning it can arrive from our fridge to yours in the shortest possible time.
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