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  • Isopropanol 70%

    Low toxic sterilizer used for tank fitting and taking sterile samples. Premixed with 30% distilled water. Volume: 10L Recommended usage: Use at 70%

  • Juice Machine

    A blend of yeasts that produces delicate citrus, apricot and grapefruit esters.    

    • Flocculation: Low-medium

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  • Lactic Acid

    A liquid liquor treatment which can be used to reduce the alkalinity levels and for presouring wort.  


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  • Lactobacillus – please read below on ordering

    A liquid bacterial blend including Brevis and Plantarum for providing quick and/or complex souring for kettle sours and mixed fermentation’s. Temp Range (25-35 Degrees) Dosage: 1L per HL Only sold in 5 & 10 litres


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  • Lactose Powder (FG) 5kg

    A non-fermentable sweetener which is used in finished beer to give it more body and a fuller mouthfeel. Traditionally used in stouts, sour and dark beers, and IPAs.

  • LAX

    A clean versatile strain isolated from a famous west coast microbrewery. With little ester production, it allows New World Hops to take center stage.  

    • Flocculation: Medium to Medium Low

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  • Lederhosen

    A very powdery bock yeast strain can be used in malt-forward and in crispy lagers. A top drawer lager yeas, less flocculating then the helles yeast this may require fining or long lagering times.  


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  • Low Rider Session IPA Yeast (500g)

     A low attenuating dried yeast for the production of lower ABV beers. This yeast is unable to ferment Maltotriose leaving the attenuation in 60s depending on mash temperature, leaving plenty of body.  A very fruity yeast producing tropical fruit forward esthers perfect for session IPA’s or Table beer styles. Can also be used in the production in […]

    • Flocculation: Medium
  • Microanalysis (qPCR, Brett and Bacteria Screening)

    Our best in class Step One Plus qPCR system allows for the detection of the STA 1 gene (Diastaticus) ensuring packaged beers don’t suffer from over attenuation. Additionally, bacteria screening helps to identify both anaerobic and aerobic growth helping to identify spoilage before packaging. How do I get my samples to you? Please see our […]


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  • Old English Dried Yeast (500g)

    British-style ale yeast that has a high attenuation. low to medium Esther production. A good top-fermenting yeast strain. A great choice for pale ales, ambers, porters and stouts.  

    • Flocculation: Medium-High
  • Phosphoric acid (81%)

    An 81% solution of Phosphoric acid used as a pH adjuster.

  • Pinnacle G – Distillers Yeast

    WHC Lab are pleased to offer the Pinnacle Distillers Yeast G, an active dry yeast well-suited for use in simultaneous saccharification fermentations of starch substrates from grain. it has a high tolerance to liberated glucose. Has a high cell count (>1 x 10*10 cells/g) Rehydrates well in direct pitch applications Has high ethanol and temperature […]


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