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  • 200ml Sterile Containers

    Sterile containers for sending beer, water etc samples.


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  • abv testing kit

    ABV Testing Kit & Microanalysis

    ABV analysis – price includes collection of the sample


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  • ABV/Calories/FG

    ABV  – price includes collection of the sample


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  • Amylase Enzyme

    An alpha-amylase from Bacillus subtilis used for starch liquefaction at relatively high temperature, producing soluble dextrins as well as some small amounts of maltose and glucose. The enzyme is an endo-α-amylase randomly hydrolyzing the α-1,4-glucosidic linkages of starch, and decreasing rapidly the viscosity. Application Dosage level Recommendation: 200-300 g per ton of cereal Application at […]


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  • Anti Foam (Vegetable oil based)

    A vegetable oil based emusion which is food grade, to be used when a reduction of foam is required. Can be added at the kettle to prevent boil overs and directly into the fermenter to prevent foaming during fermentation.


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  • Apollo Distillers Yeast

    A specialized strain for the production of spirit from an apple-based substrate. This strain provides a fast and efficient fermentation of up to 17% ABV. The resulting wash provides a nice flavourful and complex distillate that brings the notes of the different apple varieties to center stage.


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  • Apres Ski- Crispy lager Yeast- Dehydrated (500g)

    Cxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but not necessary. Introducing our latest innovation in lager yeast strains, directly from the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Our Swiss lager yeast, offers an exceptional brewing experience that is sure to elevate your craft to new heights. This strain has been carefully selected to create lagers with […]

    • Flocculation: Low to Medium

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  • Ares- Elegant Whiskey Yeast- Dehydrated

    Ares is a diastatic yeast for the production of grain-based spirits. The resulting spirit has a unique and rich flavor profile. Believed to be the world’s most popular whiskey strain and is used throughout the Scottish whiskey industry. A premium distillers yeast for high-quality spirits.  Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but […]


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  • Banana Split- Iconic Wheat Yeast- Dehydrated (500g)

    Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but not necessary. Introducing our Banana Split Hefeweizen yeast, a game-changer for breweries seeking to craft exceptional wheat beers that stand out from the crowd. Derived from the renowned Weihenstephan strain. What sets it apart from other wheat strains on the market is not a diastatic […]

    • Flocculation: Low to Medium

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  • Betaglucanase Enzyme

    Our Cellulase is a liquid enzyme preparation for the degradation of cellulose and other viscosity increasing non-starch polysaccharides. This product complies with the recommended specifications of the FAO/WHO joint expert committee on food additives (JECFA), and the food chemicals codex (FCC) for food-grade enzymes. Cellulase is used in the production of alcohol, bio-ethanol, biogas and beer, […]


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  • Blitz Lager-Fast Lager Yeast-Fresh Yeast Pouch

    Please note: Pitch sizes are for standard gravity wort. For starting gravity above 1.065 please order double the pouches. For gravity above 1.080, order triple the amount of yeast. Orders are dispatched on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, any orders that come in on Thursday or Friday containing liquid yeast will be held until the […]


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  • Bond-English House Yeast-Dehydrated

    Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but not necessary. Elevate your brewing game with our Bond English Ale yeast, a true powerhouse that encapsulates the essence of traditional English brewing excellence. Bond offers a versatile and robust solution for microbreweries and craft brewers alike. Its exceptional characteristics make it the ultimate go-to […]

    • Flocculation: High

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