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  • High Voltage – Electrifyingly Clean Thermotolerant Yeast – Dehydrated 500g

    Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but not necessary. Introducing High Voltage –  the electrifyingly clean yeast strain that’s set to revolutionise your brewery’s efficiency.  This innovative yeast doesn’t just make great beer for almost any style (including lager), it’s also a sustainable choice that’s ahead of the curve. High Voltage thrives […]

    • Flocculation: High
    • Attenuation: 76-80%

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  • Sweet Release- Session IPA Yeast- Dehydrated (500g)

    Unlock a world of aromatic possibilities with our dried innovative thiol-releasing yeast, “Sweet Release.” For brewers seeking to take their craft to the next level, this yeast strain is a game-changer. Sweet release is a maltotriose negative strain that has high levels of biotransformation a very mango forward ester profile. Sweet release has a relatively […]

    • Flocculation: Low
    • Attenuation: 63-68%

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