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  • Bier Bitte

    A perfect Kolsch yeast sourced from Germany. Works nicely with the hops and malt to create a lovely lager like beer at ale temperatures. This is a great yeast fro temperature manipulation, ferment at 18 for a very lager like beer, ferment in the early 20s for a fruity kolsch flavor. Provides good biotransformation.  

    • Flocculation: Medium to Medium Low
    • Attenuation: 73-77%

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    Dehydrated Voss Dried Yeast (Ragnar) 500g

    A single yeast strain isolated from a farmhouse blend from the Voss region in Norway. The most popular and well known Kveik Strain, this is a dried version of the Voss strain which we are proud to introduce. Extreemly thermotollerant push this yeast as high as 40 degrees to increase the ester profile. Produces orange […]

    • Flocculation: Medium
    • Attenuation: 76-80%
  • Old English Dried Yeast (500g)

    British-style ale yeast that has a high attenuation. low to medium Esther production. A good top-fermenting yeast strain. A great choice for pale ales, ambers, porters and stouts.  

    • Flocculation: Medium-High
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