WHCLAB- Liquid Beer Finings- Vegan Friendly.


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  1. Product:


Product Name:  WHC LAB Beer Finings

Concentration: 11% amorphous silicon dioxide

Dosage: 20/40ml per hl of beer

Storage: Between 5-25°C

Volume: 20L


  1. Product Description:


WHC LAB beer finings are a blend of amorphous silicon dioxide at a concentration of 11%. The product  contributes to very fast sedimentation in mature beer, making it clearer and more visually appealing. Laboratory and/or benchtop trials are recommended to achieve optimum results. It is important to invert the container a couple of times to homogenize the product before use. . They can be added pre or post fermentation at temperatures above 12°C. Allow sedimentation to occur before dropping the temperature for conditioning. 


Product Benefits:


  • Promotes very fast sedimentation in mature beer
  • Results in clearer and visually appealing beer
  • Can be added pre or post fermentation
  • Suitable for use in a variety of beer styles
  • Easy to use


  1. Dosage and Usage:


The recommended dosage for beer finings is 20-40ml per hl of beer. The product should be added pre or post fermentation at temperatures above 12°C. 


  1. Safety and Handling:


WHC LAB Liquid Beer Finings are a safe product to use if handled properly. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and wash with cold water if there is any splashing onto these areas. 


  1. Packaging and Storage:


Beer finings are available in 20L containers. The product should be stored between 5-25°C in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. The container should be tightly sealed after each use to maintain the quality of the product.


  1. Expiration Date:


The expiration date for beer finings is 2 years from the date of manufacturing. It is recommended to use the product within 6 months of opening the container for optimal results.


  1. Conclusion:


Our beer finings are an essential product for brewers looking to achieve a clear and visually appealing beer. With its fast sedimentation properties, easy dosage and usage, and suitability for use in a variety of beer styles, this product is highly recommended for Commercial Breweries. 


If you have any questions or concerns about our product please contact us at lab@whclab.com


Prepared by:


Quality Department at WHC LAB

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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