Mango Madness-Thermotolerant IPA Yeast-Fresh Yeast Pouch


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Please note pitch sizes are for standard gravity wort. For starting gravity above 1.065 please order double the pouches, for gravity above 1.080 order triple the amount of yeast.

Introducing Mango Madness yeast, an innovative and cutting-edge strain selected to revolutionize the brewing process. With its unique aromatic profile, thermotolerant properties and ability to accelerate fermentation. By using Mango Madness yeast, breweries can achieve faster turnarounds, increasing their production capacity without compromising on the quality and flavor profiles of their hop forward beers. The yeast produces a guava and mango aroma and gives high levels of biotrasformation, a diacetyl rest is not needed with this yeast strain. Dry hop can be preformed at elevated temps in the 15-25C degree range and associated hop creep is lower then other IPA strains.

Mango Madness yeast thrives in high-temperature environments, allowing for fermentation at elevated temperatures beyond the capabilities of traditional yeast strains. This thermotolerance not only enables brewers to shorten fermentation and conditioning times significantly but also reduces energy costs associated with cooling.


Strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

ABV Tolerance: 16%

Nitrogen Demand: High

Weight 3.5 kg



Liquid yeast

Beer Styles

Double IPAs, IPAs, NEIPAs, Red Ales







ABV Tolerance



Fresh Yeast Pouch (10hl)

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