Haze Heaven-Juicy NEIPA Yeast-Fresh Yeast Pouch

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Bless your next IPA with one of the juciest strains on the market. A dynamic and captivating strain that pays homage to British styles , it is the epitome of English ale yeast, evoking the essence of classic British styles with a modern twist. It is a versatile powerhouse that delivers a complex array of flavors and aromas, making it an exceptional choice for breweries looking to create both traditional such as cask and porters and modern styles such as NEIPA and hazy beers.

Selected for the demands of contemporary brewing styles, Hop Heaven is a versatile powerhouse that delivers a plethora of vibrant flavors and enticing aromas, making it an essential choice for breweries on the forefront of the craft beer revolution.This strain intensifies hop flavors and aromas, allowing the true essence of modern hop varieties to shine. From juicy tropical fruits to vibrant citrus bursts and resinous pine, Hop Heaven unlocks a symphony of hop-forward character and has a silky smooth mouthfeel. This strain’s robust fermentation properties and moderate attenuation create a balanced beer with a medium body. The yeast’s expressive ester profile enhances the beer’s complexity, contributing subtle fruity notes that complement the hop-driven flavors. With Hop Heaven, breweries can confidently brew modern masterpieces that push boundaries and thrill craft beer enthusiasts seeking the next hop-forward sensation.


Please see Technical Specifications below

Liquid TDS – Haze Heaven click to open

Liquid MSDS – Haze Heaven click to open

Weight 4 kg

English/Irish Ale Yeast


Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Pitch sizes are for standard gravity wort. For starting gravity above 1.065 please order double the pouches. For gravity above 1.080 order triple the amount of yeast.

ABV Tolerance


Nitrogen Demand



76% to 80%


Medium to Medium High

Comparative Strains

London Fog

Beer Styles

IPAs, NEIPAs, Pale Ales, West Coast IPAs


Liquid yeast

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