LAX-Clean West Coast IPA Yeast-Dehydrated Yeast (500g)


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Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but not necessary.

LAX yeast is a clean and highly versatile and reliable yeast strain that was isolated from a famous West Coast brewery and has become a staple in the brewing industry. It is a top-fermenting yeast that is renowned for its clean and neutral flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of beer styles. Whether you are brewing a classic American Pale Ale, a hop-forward IPA, high gravity brew or a stout , LAX yeast delivers consistent and exceptional results.

The of the key reasons why breweries should consider selecting LAX yeast is its ability to accentuate the hop character in a beer. This yeast strain is known for its remarkable ability to showcase the aromatic qualities of hops, allowing the true essence of the chosen hop varieties to shine through by providing a clean base.

The clean fermentation profile of LAX yeast ensures that the delicate hop flavors are not overshadowed by yeast-derived esters, resulting in a beer with a crisp and pronounced hop presence. Another notable advantage of using Lax yeast is its high ABV tolerance rates and, LAX yeast is known for its robust fermentation. LAX yeast is an indispensable tool in a brewer’s arsenal. Its clean and neutral flavor profile, ability to accentuate hop character, and high attenuation rate make it an ideal choice for breweries of all sizes and expertise levels.

By selecting LAX yeast, breweries can ensure the production of exceptional beers that captivate the taste buds of their customers, reinforcing their reputation for crafting high-quality brews.

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Beer Styles

Brown Ales, Imperial Stouts, Pale Ales, Red Ales, West Coast IPAs


Saccharomyces cerevisiae


80-240g/bbl (US)

ABV Tolerance


Nitrogen Demand



76% to 80%


Medium Low to Medium

Comparative Strains

American Ale, Chico


Dried yeast

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