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This robust strain is able to meet the demands of a busy modern brewery and produce superb lagers and other styles requiring clean yeast within a fraction of the time typically taken making this a  brilliant yeast for lager production, combines the crisp, clean character of traditional lagers with the convenience of ale fermentation temperatures.

This strain has been selected to thrive at ale fermentation temperatures, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming temperature control and fermenter residency times typically associated with lager production, making itself actually a more sustainable option. Blitzlager is uniquely capable of fermenting at higher temperatures while still producing the signature qualities of a classic lager.

Breweries can achieve the same clean and crisp flavor profile traditionally associated with lagers, characterized by a smooth malty backbone and a balanced, refined finish. Whether brewing a traditional German-style Pilsner, a refreshing Helles, or an aromatic Bock, Blitzlager yeast delivers exceptional results. The yeast’s strong flocculation properties facilitate rapid settling, enabling a quicker turnaround time and reducing the time required for maturation and clarification. Blitzlager yeast empowers breweries to produce high-quality, flavorful lagers without compromising on time or resources.

Embrace the convenience, versatility, and excellence of Blitzlager yeast, and embark on a journey to craft exceptional lagers that delight the senses while optimizing brewing processes.


Please see Technical Specifications below

Liquid TDS – Blitz Lager click to open

Liquid MSDS – Blitz Lager click to open

Weight 4 kg

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Pitch sizes are for standard gravity wort. For starting gravity above 1.065 please order double the pouches. For gravity above 1.080 order triple the amount of yeast.

ABV Tolerance


Nitrogen Demand



73% to 77%


Medium to Medium Low

Comparative Strains


Beer Styles

Kolsch, Lagers


Liquid yeast

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