WHClab offers a range of Dried and liquid yeasts aimed at the distilling sector.

Dried Yeast varieties are cost effective and shelf stable.
Liquid yeast is freshly propagated and shipped cold to maintain the highest quality and viability.
Contact sales@whclab.com for any technical support, free samples and consultation with what suits your team’s requirements.

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  • 200ml Sterile Containers

    Sterile containers for sending beer, water etc samples.


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  • Amylase Enzyme

    an alpha-amylase from Bacillus subtilis used for starch liquefaction at relatively high temperature, producing soluble dextrins as well as some small amounts of maltose and glucose. The enzyme is an endo-α- amylase randomly hydrolyzing the α-1,4-glucosidic linkages of starch, and decreasing rapidly the viscosity. Application Dosage level Recommendation: 200-300 g per ton of cereal Application […]


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  • Anti Foam (Vegetable oil based)

    A vegetable oil based emusion which is food grade, to be used when a reduction of foam is required. Can be added at the kettle to prevent boil overs and directly into the fermenter to prevent foaming during fermentation. Sexy female fitness Asian movies buy sustanon 250 online with credit card fitness tracker with heart […]


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  • Ares- Elegant Whiskey Yeast- Dehydrated

    Ares is a diastatic yeast for the production of grain-based spirits. The resulting spirit has a unique and rich flavor profile. Believed to be the world’s most popular whiskey strain and is used throughout the Scottish whiskey industry. A premium distillers yeast for high-quality spirits.  Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but […]


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  • Betaglucanase Enzyme

    Our Cellulase is a liquid enzyme preparation for the degradation of cellulose and other viscosity increasing non-starch polysaccharides. This product complies with the recommended specifications of the FAO/WHO joint expert committee on food additives (JECFA), and the food chemicals codex (FCC) for food-grade enzymes. Cellulase is used in the production of alcohol, bio-ethanol, biogas and beer, […]


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  • Glucoamylase Enzyme

    Highly concentrated Glucoamylase for degradation of soluble starch. 100-200ml per tonne of grain in the mash and/or 2-10ml in the fermenter. Breaks down complex sugars into simple sugars for a greater extract of ABV. Get in touch for spec sheets


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  • Hercules- Thermotolerant Whiskey Yeast- Dehydrated

    Hercules is a newly developed distillers yeast that produces complex congeners including dark fruits, and leather. Perfect for grain-based spirits that will be barrel-aged to add to the complexity of the spirit produced from the wash. This yeast is characterized as having fast and reliable fermentation at high temperatures increasing efficiency of distillery and improving […]


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  • Hyperdrive- Clean Seltzer/Vodka Yeast- Dehydrated

    A specialized blend of clean yeast, nutrients and vitamins that contains everything needed for sugar based fermentations to produce a clean RTD base for seltzer drinks or as a strong wash for further distillation for Vodka or gin. This yeast can produce a base produce of up to 18% within a 5 day fermenation window […]


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  • Prometheus- Flavoursome Rum Yeast- Dehydrated

    Prometheus is a wonderfully fruity yeast that produces massive amounts of esters of fig, licorice and other rich flavors. Interacts very nicely with the molasses and/or cane juice to bring out the complex flavors in the resulting spirit. Good fermentation performance and ethanol tolerance mean it is an excellent choice for rum production. Oxygenation and/or […]


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  • WHC Yeast Nutrient Plus (5kg)

      Product: WHCLAB Yeast Nutrient Plus is a product produced by WHCLAB.   Introduction: Our latest yeast nutrient formulation has been developed after extensive trialing on our yeast strains. It is a yeast based product containing inactive yeast, and it has been proven to standardize and speed up yeast fermentations.  It helps to provide the […]


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