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  • Sodium chloride

    Water additions


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  • WHC Yeast Nutrient Plus (5kg)

    Product Name: WHCLAB Yeast Nutrient Plus. Weight: 5kg Dosage- 1g/hl added directly into the kettle near the end of boil or premixed with water and poured in. Our newest yeast nutrient formulation was designed from years of trialing on our yeast strains. It will speed up and standardise yeast fermentations. It works by giving the yeast any […]


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  • WHCLAB- Liquid Beer Finings- Vegan Friendly.

    A blend of amorphous silicon dioxide at a concentration of 11%. It contributes to very fast sedimentation in mature beer. Laboratory and/or bench top trials is recommend to achieve optimum results. Invert a couple of times to homogenise before use. Dosage 20/40ml per hl of beer. Add pre or post fermentation at temperatures of above […]


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