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  • Sweet Release- Session IPA Yeast- Dehydrated (500g)

    Unlock a world of aromatic possibilities with our dried innovative thiol-releasing yeast, “Sweet Release.” For brewers seeking to take their craft to the next level, this yeast strain is a game-changer. Sweet release is a maltotriose negative strain that has high levels of biotransformation a very mango forward ester profile. Sweet release has a relatively […]

    • Flocculation: Low
    • Attenuation: 63-68%

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  • Sale!

    Tropical Paradise-Juicy Table Beer Yeast-Fresh Yeast Pouch

    Please note: Pitch sizes are for standard gravity wort. For starting gravity above 1.065 please order double the pouches. For gravity above 1.080, order triple the amount of yeast. Orders are dispatched on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, any orders that come in on Thursday or Friday containing liquid yeast will be held until the following […]


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  • Voss Kveik-Lightning Fast Ale Yeast-Dehydrated

    Oxygenation and/or rehydration for generation 0 may be beneficial, but not necessary. Elevate your brewing to new heights with our Norwegian Voss Kveik yeast, a true gem among the farmhouse Kveik strains and an ode to the brewing traditions of Norway in the Voss region. This yeast strain is a legend in the making for […]


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  • WHC Yeast Nutrient Plus (5kg)

      Product: WHCLAB Yeast Nutrient Plus is a product produced by WHCLAB.   Introduction: Our latest yeast nutrient formulation has been developed after extensive trialing on our yeast strains. It is a yeast based product containing inactive yeast, and it has been proven to standardize and speed up yeast fermentations.  It helps to provide the […]


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