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Sanders Vermont The yeast that started the New England trend. The yeast strain produces stone esters that leave the beer with a bouquet of grapefruit and mango flavour and aromas. €25.00 €15.00 €12.00
Saturated London Three Top Cropping yeast from Boddingtons, the best yeast for a NEIPA? Juicy €30.00 €18.00 €15.00
Fruit Bowl NE Blend A blend of yeasts picked for their ability to produce a complex fruit ester profile. This is a beautiful combination for your pale ales and IPA's. €30.00 €20.00 €15.00
Brexit London Fog Produces a fruit punchbowl aroma. Beers tend to have silky smooth mouthfeel and juicy aroma and when this yeast is used. €30.00 €24.00 €18.00
Juice Machine NE Blend A blend of yeasts that produces delicate citrus, apricot and grapefruit esters. €30.00 €20.00 €15.00
Bond WLP007 Clean, aggressive, attenuative, ABV tolerant and highly flocculant. This yeast is the go-to house yeast for many microbreweries. This English style yeast provides the backbone for everything from IPA's to stouts to barleywines. €25.00 €15.00 €12.00
Pintman WLP002 Extremely flocculant and on the lower end of attenuation. This is an aggressive fermenter that drops bright after fermentation. Best used for malt-forward styles. €25.00 €15.00 €12.00
Lactobacillus Blend Brevis/Plant A liquid bacterial blend including Brevis and Plantarum for providing quick and/or complex souring for kettle sours and mixed fermentation's. €7.00 €7.00 €7.00
Bier Bitte WLP029 A perfect Kolsch yeast sourced from Germany. Works nicely with the hops and malt to create a lovely lager like beer at higher ale temperatures. €30.00 €20.00 €15.00
The Wall Joystick (Imperial) This yeast is an extremely fast mover. A similar low ester and attenuation profile like LAX, this yeast has a quicker fermentation time and better flocculation. Allowing you to produce solid clean beers in no time. €30.00 €24.00 €18.00
Bubblegum Ardennes A great and versatile Belgium strain. It is highly flocculant and produces bubblegum, toffee and spicy phenolic aroma. €25.00 €15.00 €12.00
Lederhosen German Bock A very powedery bock yeast strain, can be used in malt forward and in crispy lagers. A top drawer lager yeast €40.00 €30.00 €26.00
EINSTEIN German Lager Yeast A solid lager strain which produces clean crisp beers with low ester production. Slight sulphur production. €40.00 €30.00 €26.00
Helles Fire Club Helles lager yeast Good flocculation and low diacetyl/sulphur production with lower attenuation. This is the perfect strain for malt forward lager styles. €38.00 €28.00 €24.00
Funky Pineapple WLP644 A very interesting yeast to experiment with. Produces powerful tropical fruit flavours at normal ale temperatures.
At higher ale temperatures, it starts to produce funky and saison like aromas with even more aggressive
pineapple notes. Which was originally categorized as a Brettanomyces strain.
€30.00 €24.00 €18.00
LAX Chico A clean versatile strain isolated from a famous west coast microbrewery. With little ester production, it allows New World Hops to take centre stage. €30.00 €24.00 €18.00
Banana Split Bavarian Wheat Produces high amounts of isoamyl acetate which is perceived as a banana flavour balanced with less dominant aromatics of apple, clove and plum. The esters are more dominant at high temperature and at lower pitches. Leaves a crisp finish. €30.00 €24.00 €18.00
Belgium Haze Belgian Wit The perfect strain for Belgian beers it produces a nice balance of spice and phenols along with lower acidity. Pairs well with orange, lemon zest and coriander. €30.00 €24.00 €18.00
Pint of Plain WLP004 A yeast used by a famous Dublin brewery. Perfect for stouts, porter and amber ales. Flavour profile works extremely well with dark and roasted malts. €30.00 €20.00 €15.00
In Bruges WLP500 This classic Belgium strain is perfect for Abbey Ales such as a Dubbel and Tripel. It produces moderate phenolics and esters such as plum and cherry. Make sure to give plenty of headspaces as it is a true top cropping yeast. €30.00 €22.00 €16.00
Mad Monk WLP530 More phenol and ester production then In Bruges especially at the higher temperature range. Perfect for high ABV Belgium ales, a slow starter so give it time. €30.00 €20.00 €15.00
Bjorn Hornindial Kveik Great for IPA's and pale ales this yeast produces flavours of tangerine, pineapple and mango. A very high rate of fermentation and flocculation at higher temperatures.A yeast strain isolated from a kviek isolate from Hornindial region in Norway. €15.00 €12.00 €10.00
Ubbe Oslo Kveik Something special! A lager yeast at body temps. Clean lager like aroma and taste. Could also be used for clean styles with no yeast character desired. A yeast strain isolated from a kveik isolate from the Hornindial region in Norway. €15.00 €12.00 €10.00
Ragnar Voss kveik This strain produces a dominant orange peel aroma that pairs well with citrusy hops. A yeast strain isolated from a kviek isolate from the Voss region in Norway. €15.00 €12.00 €10.00
Valkeryie Ebbegarden kveik Another fruity Kveik! This one produces a nice guava aroma. This strain enhances bitterness, for this reason, it is recommended not to use any bittering hops. Great for NEIPA’s. A yeast strain isolated from a kviek isolate from Ebbegarden region in Norway. €15.00 €12.00 €10.00
Lagertha Stranda Kveik Kveik cleaner than other Kveiks produces discrete tropical fruit notes with banana and honey coming through. Produces some light funky notes. A yeast strain isolated from a kviek isolate from the Stranda region in Norway. €20.00 €15.00 €12.00
Odin Arset Kveik Tangerine and Mango aroma. Handles lower and acidic conditions better then other kveik yeast €20.00 €15.00 €12.00



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