Pinnacle MG+ - Distillers Yeast

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WHC Lab are pleased to offer the PINNACLE DISTILLERS YEAST MG+. It is a active dry yeast well-suited for use in both malt and grain fermentation's. It has the collective capability to tolerate high gravity and temperature.
  • Has a high cell count (>1 x 1010 cells/g) •
  • Rehydrates well in direct pitch applications •
  • Is noted for its resulting spirit having high organoleptic qualities
  • See photo for flavor profile


 Suitable Substrates Malt barley / wheat & rye
Thermo-Tolerance High 82-100 f
Osmo-Tolerance High
Organic Acid conditioning good
Ethanol tolerance Good circa 15.0 %v/v
Organoleptic suitability High
High gravity suitability High


Available in 10Kg & 500g

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