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WHC Lab is a biotechnology business focused on the brewing/distilling industry. Our R&D laboratory boasts best in class laboratory equipment, experts in the industry and uses next-generation methods to grow yeast, bacteria and to perform analysis on beer, cider, spirits, water and wine.

Main Product Categories

We provide technical support and consulting for these product categories for the brewing and distilling sector.

Our Best Selling Products

  • Sour Hour- Dehydrated Yeast (500g)

    This yeast is isolated from grapes and naturally produces lactic acid, ethanol and an ester profile when inoculated into wort. It is used as an alternative to kettle souring with Lactobacillus species. Technical Data Sour Hour can only metabolize simple sugars within the wort. It converts sucrose, glucose and fructose into lactic acid. With a […]

    • Flocculation: Low

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  • Lactobacillus Plantarum-Dehydrated Bacteria (250g)

    A dehydrated lactobacillus culture for kettle souring and mixed fermentation. Produces a quick clean pH drop and a citrus aroma that pairs nicely with both fruit and hops. IBU intolerant. Use 10g to 25g per 100l of wort, pitch at 35-37C for quickest souring. We recommend to use no hops in the kettle at all […]

    • Flocculation: Low

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  • Colour (EBC)

    Colour analysis allows brewers to ensure a consistent colour over multiple batches. as well as achieving the desired colour for your beer style. Colour (EBC) is performed with a spectrophotometer. How do I get my samples to you? Please see our shipping address at the bottom of the page. For UK customers please send samples to: […]


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  • ABV/Calories/FG

    Our Anton Parr Alcolyzer allows us to provide the most accurate ABV (%) for Beer, Cider, Whiskey, Whiskey wash, Spirits and Kombucha. Sample Size is 200ml ABV Analysis Includes: ABV (%) Calories (kcal/100ml) Final Gravity (SG & Plato)


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Happy Customers

WHCLAB has really helped push this brewery quality forward. We really like the affordable yeast and other products and services WHC offers.
The testing they offer on our inhouse canning lines gives us a great peace of mind.

- 3rd Barrel Brewing CO- Kevin, Niall and John- Brewers and Owners

Great yeast and fantastic service. Liquid Yeast is shipped overnight to us here in the Netherlands.

- Baxbier Brewery- Kaper- Production Manager

WHClab yeasts have really elevated the quality of our beers. The contract lab testing gives me great peace of mind that the batches i put on the market meet the highest QC standards.

- Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co- John Allen- Production Manager

WHCLAB helped us develop our house yeast that brings out the best in our hoppy beers and has been instrumental in raising the quality of our brewery.

- Boundary Brew Co- Matthew Dick- Production Manager

WHCLAB has designed and implemented a quality and testing service for our mobile canning line. It gives me great comfort to know all the batches through the line have been rigorously tested by a 3rd party laboratory with great experience in this field.

- Darren Fenton- Operations Manager- Bevcraft Group/Craft Canning
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